Quickspin Roadmap 2018

Quickspin Roadmap 2018

You’ve heard all about the best-performing slots of the tournament, but what about the picks from the online casino streamer community? We listened to your feedback, and people have been wondering about something a little different: what are the top 5 picks from the streamers and participants themselves? In this case, it doesn’t matter if a slot performed well or not, it’s all about their personal choice. Since this is a cumulative ranking, we will not be going into individual picks. We collected the data from the participants, and these are the results that we got. Take it or leave it, these are the favorites. Take note, these slots were only chosen from the games that were available for play during the tournament. We will cover all-time favorites in a different article. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

#5 | The Invisible Man

This one might come as a bit of surprise to some, but The Invisible Man left a great impression on our streamers. This classic NetEnt slot isn’t usually known for its high payouts, but it delivered some excellent highlights. This game brought us plenty of spectacular moments. Starting from the wild triggers from the Scatterman, straight to the infinite respins for BlackCatSeven. Some streamers denounced this slot due to its lower volatility, but it indeed proved its worth during the tournament.

Incorporating a walking wild feature, The Invisible Man can bring out huge wins if the wilds get closely bunched together. If two separate wilds meet each other, that is, the policeman and the invisible man, you trigger the bonus feature. It is precisely this bonus that made this game so famous for the online streamer community. It wasn’t too uncommon to see amazing wins and game-changing victories during the opening round. Watch one of Scatterman’s brightest finishes on this NetEnt game!

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